A Little Bit of History

Labour of love first opened in Islington, North London, in 2004. Conceived as a place to stock all the best 'under the radar' brands ; it sold clothing, accessories, footwear, interiors, vintage and a lot more. Awarded Best New Shop in London in 2005 by Time Out, it was a popular place for London’s more creative sorts. Things changed a lot in the eight years that the shop was open - not least the huge changes in E-commerce. The other big change was that the Labour of Love own brand began outselling everything else. So, when it came time for a change it was pretty obvious what path to go down.

A new approach was needed and the solution was to expand online and create a mobile ‘deployable shop’ that would function as a temporary retail space at regular intervals throughout the year. So that’s where you find Labour of Love now. There’s menswear and kidswear lines that have been added to the original womenswear line and are true to the original ethos of creating a wardrobe for those with a creative and unpredictable life. You can catch us popping up round London – and maybe beyond – in interesting spaces and we’re always looking for interesting people to display their work alongside us and inspire those that pass through. Check out the blog and social media sites for dates or more details.

It’s all about inspiration, being inspired, inspiring others – getting out and creating things. As we say a lot round here ‘inspiration not aspiration’.