labour of love web address

We’re Up. We Think We’re Running.

After what can only be described as akin to thinking you’re setting off for the shop to buy some cheese and onion crisps, only to find that you had inadvertently enrolled for a marathon with no get out clause,  the new site is finally up. What do you think? We like it – which is handy. We don’t doubt there will be a few humps to sort out as we get going but it’s a vast improvement none the less.

It gives us much more scope to share all the good stuff we’ve been working on and seem to accumulate. There’s the new edit section where you’ll find a super-curated guide to what’s on and worth seeing, what’s exciting us generally, LOL related news and press.

There’s a playlist section to share what’s we’re playing in the studio. It’ll be a mixed bag but, like the CD’s we used to burn when we opened the shop, we hope you’ll find something you like in there. We might even post up the first of the CDs we did for LOL about 12 years ago, we seem to remember it included Gill Scott Heron, Arab Strap and Le Tigre (as we said, mixed bag). We’ll also be inviting some guests to participate and share what’s exciting them sonically.

There will be shopable look books – well there will be from next season. We’re also planning a little print edition once or twice a year so sign up at the bottom of the home page if you’re interested and want to stay informed. The newsletter will also become more aligned with the new site offering a regular dose of inspirational goings on as well as LOL product.

But that’s all an aside to the completely new shop section. Easier to shop, all the ladies, mens and kids collections in one place, better images, actual descriptions and sizing info, more control for us over promotions and possibly the bit that interests you most; CHEAPER SHIPPING (free in UK). You’ll also notice, upon delivery, a complete redesign of the packaging as well.

So, in retrospect maybe we underestimated just what we were undertaking. We hope you appreciate the changes as much as us though. Let us know what you think.