un elefante labour of love chocolate bar pollock

It’s an Un Elefante sell out

So, we’re not sure what happened but we’ve had a run on the amazing Un Elefante Pollock bars in the past week and they’re now all gone. Boo. But we have reordered and are waiting for the restock in a week or so. Yeah. We still have a couple of the ‘Graffiti’ and ‘Typewriter’ styles left but if you’re the guy that was buying 4 at a time you’ll probably be disappointed as unless you’re first in there won’t be enough to fill your order.


unelefante chocolate bar pollock


We love the original hand finished packaging, it was part of the reason they were so wonderful as gifts or a treat to yourself. Every wrapper was slightly different which really set Un Elefante apart. So we’re a bit unsure what to do about their rebrand. The original packaging is shown above. They have switched to a new design, as shown below, but our jury is out on it. We see the point of the viewing window, it was probably needed – even if the sheer unexpected delight of the initial unwrap is now gone. However, the rest is a bit ‘cute graphic’ for our taste. As always, the rest of the world will disagree and they’ll be huge while we spend our time saying ‘we prefered it before; the perfect mix of craft, art and hidden delight’ while everyone that listens thinks ‘idiots’. What can we say, we like our art austere…


unelefante chocolate bar pollock


We’ve managed to get our hands on some of the last of the true expressions of their ‘hand crafted, artisan’ intent, so we’ll have them in soon. They’ve stopped making the beautiful original design so we suggest you get in while you can. We’ll need to switch over to the new, and don’t get us wrong, still beautiful Un Elefante bars next time but for now don’t hang around if you’re thinking of getting some as gifts to others or yourself.


We’ll send out a mail when the new stock arrives.