Tatiana Gulenkina fine art photograph detail

Tatiana Gulenkina

Here at Labour of Love we get sent our fair share of gallery, exhibition, auction and artist press mailers. While we’re overjoyed to see so much going on and so many people inspired and making there’s not a whole lot that grabs us enough we dive of into the links. Every now and again though…

When we spotted one of Tatiana Gulenkina’s series ‘6 hours’ we loved the colours, then on closer inspection the ghosts of the details and on further reading we enjoyed the whole concept. It seems almost too literal – bringing attention to the melting ice; looking for beauty in the temporal and the catastrophic. Often, similar concepts come off as too righteous if abstracted to far and straight up banal if not far enough. These, however, get it right; they lead in with the image and improve with context. But if that’s all just a little ‘art’ then concentrate on the colour and the graduation in the prints. Lovely, right?


Tatiana Gulenkina fine art photograph


Even better, after a bit of searching we found her site and there’s another series called ‘Things Merging and Falling Apart’. Half of us even prefer it to the ‘6 Hours’ series. Produced in a darkroom, without a camera, using objects directly affecting the paper she’s managed to come up with images that aren’t only delicate and beautiful but that, in places, remind us of the Paradise Garage logo and an old Midlake album cover.  In short, we want one, well, actually, 2 of these prints and we’re sure we could find a perfect place for them here at Labour of Love HQ.


Tatiana Gulenkina fine art photograph


We’re unsure if she has any upcoming shows but we’ll be sure to stick a link up on our Twitter feed if we find some. In the meantime you can buy a limited edition print of the 6 Hours series from the folks over at NinteenSixtyEight to tide you over.