Back in May we went to the Great Escape festival in Brighton. In amongst the skinny jeaned, leather jacketed boys exhuming the well exhumed sartorial grave of the Stooges (which we’d mind a lot less if they actually sounded anything like as good or even had 10% of the conviction of The Stooges) was a couple of Scandinavian girls that stood out like sore thumbs. Upstairs in a pub Smerz walked on stage with a few bits of electronic kit, proper sub-bass, some killer fringe and blew the rest of what we’d seen off the beach.


We don’t actually know much about Henriette and Catharina; they are Copenhagen based but from Norway, they make great off-kilter modern electronic music and one of them has a fierce fringe. Truth be told you only actually need to know one of those things anyway – and if you need further evidence of it they’ve just released their debut EP ‘Okey’. They limit web presence to this Facebook page and manage to mix up the goofy, the cool and spontaneous.  The lead single seems to be ‘Because’, which is a mighty fine track, but we’ve really got ‘Sure’ under our skin. It’s one of those tracks that had we written it we’d probably just pack up and go home knowing the job was done – forever. Managing to strike the perfect balance between the fragility of the vocal and the throbbing modern production makes for a proper ear worm. Even having no idea what it’s about it manages to bring a knot to the chest – which may be absurd if it turns out to be about optional paralysis at the ice cream counter. You can check it out here and buy the EP here. As much as we love it what we really need is for it to descend into a drum and bass monster at the end and keep it that way for a further 4 minutes. If we had the time, we’d teach ourselves to program just so we could create it.


Even as is (needing an extended heavy percussive remix); it’s as close to pop perfection as anyone has got this year. Hopefully Smerz haven’t packed up and gone though – we’ve got high hopes. Those jeggin’d, checked shirted, second rate, rock revivalists ain’t gonna slay themselves.