Yoga -ish

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What with all the recent, and future, goings on around the globe we thought now was probably a good time to take up yoga.

First we found a good teacher, who’s actually great and we’ll make it easy for you; you can find her here. Then we started twisting, stretching and pulling but we became aware that even though our head was supposed to be clear as an alpine meadow we couldn’t help thinking about soundtracks. This, no doubt, shows we’re pretty base beings and, given our usual taste in music, that’s probably no great revelation.

So we put together this little hour of ‘somewhat’ suitable music. There’s a definite lack of any ‘new-age’ and it’s a little on the base (bass) side but, hey, at least we’re true to ourselves.

It’s just over an hour, starts slow for a warm up, goes low and propulsive then mellows out at the end. It’s probably pretty far from most folks idea of a perfect yoga playlist – but then we’re pretty far from most folks idea of perfect yogis.

And breathe…


  • 1Distant Sounds And Summer by Susumu Yokota & Rothko
  • 2The Cows At Jodrell Bank by World Of Apples
  • 3Stonemilker by Björk
  • 4Dayvan Cowboy by Boards Of Canada
  • 5Melody Day (Four Tet Remix) by Caribou
  • 6How Did I Get Here? [Instrumental] by ODESZA
  • 7Through The Motions by Darkstar
  • 8Dayglo Reflection by Bobby Womack
  • 9Marrow by Anohni
  • 10I Feel Love by colette
  • 11Time Moves Slow by BadBadNotGood
  • 12Beautiful People by Mark Pritchard
  • 13Bus Ride by Kaytranada/River Tiber/Karriem Riggins
  • 14Daydreaming by Radiohead
  • 15Aisatsana by Aphex Twin
  • 16Say My Name by Ólafur Arnalds/Arnór Dan