my panda shall fly for labour of love mix

My Panda Shall Fly for Labour of Love

Cover:My Panda Shall Fly for Labour of Love

We’ve been into what Suren’s been doing with his My Panda Shall Fly moniker for a while. He played at our previous pop-up and we’ve liked the music he’s been putting together on various labels. You can check out his soundcloud here for more of his mixes and releases and his facebook here for updates. We’re also not at all averse to his look. Obviously we don’t judge a musician by their dress sense – well, not always – but there’s something disheartening about any kind of artist that’s devoid of style. MPSF never disheartens us though, in fact his shirts often hearten us.

When it comes to mixtapes we’re alway up for the more leftfield; ones that explore influences and preferences without having to keep any kind of check on the dancefloor. And that’s what this MPSF mix for us does so well. It traverses jazz, rock, country, psych and various other genres but it’s all held together with a swagger. Not like a testosterone, manc, ego musician swagger; a swagger as in a little off kilter, a little altered but still getting on. The kind of swagger we can get with – a kind of low slung soul

So, give it a try and if you like it then check out what else Suren is up to. We’re sure it’ll be interesting.