The April LOL Studio Shuffle

Cover:The April LOL Studio Shuffle

A little slice of what’s been floating our boat in the studio for the past few weeks. A bit of this, a bit of that and various in between. Swerving from Drake to Eno, Seven Davis Jr to Grouper; it’s not going to win any prizes for sticking to genres and it’s not all new but it should liven up your day.

  • 1Wild by J Dilla
  • 2Baby Blue by Action Bronson ft Chance the Rapper
  • 3Know Yourself by Drake
  • 4Rain or Shine by Young Fathers
  • 5Army of Me by Bjork
  • 6Shutdown by Skepta
  • 7The Jezebel Spirit by Brian Eno and David Byrne
  • 8X by Dean Blunt
  • 9Astral Playground by KM Editions
  • 10Before We Leave by Midland
  • 11Draft Culture by Dorian Concept
  • 12One by Seven Davis Jr
  • 13The Sun Can't Compare (long version) by Larry Heard
  • 14I Can't Do Without you (Tale of Us and Mano Le tough remix) by Caribou
  • 15Time (original mix) by Pachanga Boys
  • 16Heavy Water / I'd Rather Be Sleeping by Grouper