honeyblood portrait

Honeyblood are back

We posted about Honeyblood a few years ago when they released their debut album. From what we can remember we were taken with their heavy, downtuned grunge sound on first listen that opened out into melody on further listens. A heavy sounding female two-piece are always going to need to work to rise above the initial novelty and they do it with ease – and balls (yea, we know). There’s something just right about them; from the sound to the image to the message.


So, we were pleased to have them back a few months ago with a new album ‘Babes Never Die’. But we’re even more pleased they’re out on the road again and playing quite a few shows. The full list is on their site here (we’ll see you at KOKO if you’re going). There’s something thrillingly primal about a drum / guitar 2 piece. Our touchstone will always be Lightning Bolt closely followed by DFA 1979  (before the White Stripes; yea, really) but for some reason Slaves have never pricked our interest. Honeyblood do, however, as they should yours. They’re also involved in the 6Music festival along with a slew of other good artists.


‘Rock’ has been boring the tits (does that balance the balls above?…) off us for what seems like years now so it’s even more appreciated when we get something from the genre to love. We’re suckers for the dark and heavy, it’s soul music – our soul at least – and Honeyblood deliver it shot through with the sweetness. Stina Tweeddale’s voice helps; there’s honesty in not feeling the need to cloak in faux accents or cliched vocal tics. In the usual run around way, we’re saying you should go check em out. They’re another layer in what, paradoxically given the timing, seems like an upsurge in proper fierce, unapologetic, intelligent female role models. Long may it continue.